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Planning out the New Year

A great way to keep up with your expectations in the new year is to write down your goals.

January is moving quickly and we are entering our third week of 2023. Some people want to ensure they are keeping up with their goals and resolutions. A great way to keep up with your expectations is to write down your goals. Planning out your day and content is a must especially if you post or manage content for multiple brands.

I enjoy planning and have both a digital planner and paper. Planning gives me a space to keep all my ideas organized and appointments in one place. There are many choices for both digital and paper planners. I like planners that are easy to navigate and for digital I like if I can add in my own pages. Sometimes I want to plan out specific posts or content and have my own design process.

To help achieve big goals breaking them down into smaller, achievable steps is helpful. Setting daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals is a great way to stay motivated and focused on what you want to achieve in the big picture. Make sure to set realistic deadlines, and be sure to develop a plan for how you’ll reach those goals.

Most importantly celebrate your successes and learn from your mistakes along the way. It is important to also, be kind to yourself and remember that it is okay to adjust your goals or take a break if needed. Wishing you all the best…you’ve got this!

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January Calendar Idea for digital planning or printing
This can be used to plan out social media post or to plan out your week in general. Great for printing or using as a digital planning page.
This is what I use to help me plan social media posts as a content creator and it can easily be tailored to your own needs

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Comparison is a lie

Comparison can be a dangerous habit to fall into. It is important to remember that your self-worth should not be determined by how you measure up to someone else.

Comparison can be a dangerous habit to fall into. When we compare ourselves to others, we can often feel inadequate or discouraged, as it can be difficult to measure up to the standards of others. This is not to be confused with being inspired by others which can help one gain insight into our own paths and develop positive strategies. For example, motivation to achieving our goals by looking at a role model’s successes.

One should always challenge what we think we see and to use critical thinking to evaluate the validity of the information. We should always be mindful of our sources and to look for evidence to back up any facts we hear. It’s important to be mindful of potential biases and to think about how our own beliefs may affect how we interpret the reality of a situation. In a world of filters, edits and augmented reality things may not always be as they seem.

The key is to focus on our own progress and celebrate our own successes, rather than ever using comparison as a measure of our worth. Comparing yourself to others can be a difficult habit to break. It is important to remember that your self-worth should not be determined by how you measure up to someone else. There are many ways to help you to avoid comparison.

One of the best ways to avoid comparison is to focus on self-improvement. Instead of comparing yourself to others, focus on improving yourself and reaching your own goals. Set reasonable and achievable goals for yourself, and make sure to celebrate your successes.

Another way to avoid comparison is to remind yourself that everyone’s situation is unique, and that there is no, “one size fits all” approach to life. Try to accept and appreciate yourself for your unique traits and qualities. Focus on being the best version of yourself instead of desiring to be someone else. Lastly, practice gratitude and savor the moments. This can help to create a more positive outlook on life and help to prevent comparison.

In conclusion by focusing on your own unique qualities, strengths, accomplishments and in celebrating things that make you special you will appreciate the progress you are making towards your own goals. Comparison can rob you of your joy and it isn’t worth it to fall into the comparison trap. Remember, you are enough and your worth is not determined by anyone else’s standards.

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Enjoy the Moment

Enjoy the moment. Don’t waste your energy on things you cannot control.

We live in a world focused on the next big thing. Retail puts out beach chairs at Easter, fall decor before summer ends and Christmas with the Halloween candy. Influencers on social media publish holiday gift guides in August and everyone seems to have Christmas trees up in perfectly decorated homes. We are bombarded and sometimes overwhelmed by what is coming and often pushed to feel we must keep up.

If you’re a fan of a certain holiday or season I can understand the push to get there quick. I don’t fault people for doing what makes them happy. I wonder though with so many people seemingly focusing on the next big thing how many are enjoying the moments they are in. If you feel that overthinking a situation or spending more time focusing on upcoming things besides the present moment is causing your stress, practicing mindfulness can be beneficial to making a positive thought change.

Being mindful of the present can direct our thoughts and focus away from stressors. This isn’t to be confused with making future plans/goals. These types of future thinking and planning shouldn’t be stressful, but should help facilitate growth and positive change. You don’t want to eliminate them. Dwelling on what is to come or what needs to be done however can cause stress. Take time to listen to yourself and understand your own thoughts.

It can be difficult sometimes with all of life’s distractions to keep one’s attention in the present moment. Mindfulness isn’t easily maintained and can require lots of practice to get one’s focus back on the present. Some individuals find that by focusing on the senses of sound, feelings in the moment or other real time sensations they are able to better focus on the present. There are many teachings/therapy models that involve mindfulness practices.

I have found that by allowing myself some quiet time alone with my thoughts or to meditate helps me better focus on the present. Studies have shown that people who are able to practice mindfulness are better at managing their depression and anxiety. It is worth the effort to strive to be more mindful and aware of the present. Positive thinking is a gift and it can transform your life. Remember one day at a time. You’re doing great!

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Use Negativity to Propel Forward

I think back on times when someone told me I wouldn’t accomplish something or when (fake) friends were not in my corner for support. These people and the experiences actually gave me more encouragement to succeed. They made me determined to prove them wrong and propelled me forward. When people aren’t for you don’t allow them to speak negative into existence, but work harder to prove them wrong. Every time things seemed overwhelming or like I couldn’t do it I thought of the naysayers and their negativity, but not in a way that I let it bring me down.

No matter what you feel like your are up against or how strong you think your enemies are I’m here to tell you I’m proof we all can do anything we put our mind to. If I would have allowed a teacher telling me I wasn’t college material, being assaulted, an abusive relationship or health issues to hold me back I would have been settling and depriving myself.

I feel as if I need to go find these people and buy them lunch because I wouldn’t be the success I am without them trying to discourage me or hold me back. I believe they were put in my path for a purpose. If I wouldn’t have encountered the naysayers over the years or had to climb the mountains maybe I would have settled and wouldn’t have accomplished my dreams.

How you choose to approach the adversity in your life is important. I’m a victor and not a victim; this is my mindset. It is my experience that everything and everyone can be against me, but God is always for me and he loves me. As promised in Psalms 23:5, God has blessed me in front of my enemies and he can do the same thing for you. Don’t allow the negative things in your life to hold you back, but instead use them to propel you forward.

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Life Won’t Sparkle Unless You Do

ℕ𝕠𝕥 𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕣𝕪𝕠𝕟𝕖 𝕝𝕚𝕜𝕖𝕤 𝕤𝕡𝕒𝕣𝕜𝕝𝕖𝕤?! I remember going to an event once and hearing a couple of the BAs I was managing laughing at something. Turns out they were making fun of my sparkly shoes, sparkly water bottle and bright printed backpack. “She looks like a rainbow…who does she think she is”, was said, like rainbows are a bad thing. In turn I’d done nothing to them except introduce myself and give event instructions.

We’ve all experienced it and I think it takes a lot of courage in today’s world to embrace being different. Most people want to fit into a certain category or a label that’s popular and few want to be someone that stands out. It is unfortunate that as a society things out of the norm are labeled as bad or, “abnormal”. Our society puts a negative label on things people aren’t use to or can’t understand. These labels dont really mean those things are actually wrong. I like to sparkle! Im different and I want to put the sparkle in life.

If society would move more towards acceptance and embracing the unique and different, imagine what a wonderful place the world could be. If society was open maybe people would stop hiding who they truly are. Being different unfortunately though can cause a person to be ridiculed or made fun of. This is unfortunate and it’s hard to learn, but self esteem and self worth should not be linked to acceptance by society.

Being different might cost friendships. However, you will find your tribe and be better off with people that can accept and support the real you. We must each do our part to promote inclusion of differences and to share who we really are. If you see something happening that you don’t agree with stand up. It is likely others want to make a stand too, but may need a leader to follow. Be a leader and don’t be afraid to stand out.