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Let’s Go Camping

In May 2021 I started a remodel on an almost 30 year old Sunline Saturn. With lots of paint and patience the “Lilly Pad”, was finished and took its first journey to the OBX for Memorial Day weekend. In the first year we went on a few trips and went on our first multi-state trip leaving Virginia and going to Gettysburg, Pa. There is so much to learn about camping and to figure out along the way. I am definitely not an expert by any means, but have found things that help make camping easier I will share.

Camping Fort Story, Virginia Beach
Grilling and enjoying a cold beverage in Virginia Beach’s Fort Story Campground

Types of Campgrounds: National Parks, HipCamp and Resorts

I think the most important thing to remember when looking at sites is finding a camping location that works for you and your family. Make sure to figure out first what you’re looking for in a site and then match your needs/wants to the amenities offered. In our first year of camping we camped at a National Park in the OBX, a military MWR campground in Virginia Beach, a camping resort in Williamsburg and a Hipcamp site outside Gettysburg, Pa. All of these sites were very different and each offered some unique pros and cons to them.

Camping at a National Park offers the perks of direct access to nature, clean basic bath houses, park rangers if needed, typically a dumping station and potable water. The cons to some might be limited amenities as National Parks are basic and don’t always offer resort type amenities.

Camping at a resort offers all the bells and whistles with beautiful manicured grounds, fire pits, BBQ areas, gravel sites, access to pools, recreational areas, games, cable tv, wifi, laundry, full hookups (water,sewage and electricity) and much more. The con to this type of camping for some might be the higher prices or crowded areas during peak season.

Camping on a military base is similar to a resort in my opinion. Base camping is terrific if you have access to it and VERY discounted/cost effective compared to other resorts. The amenities at many bases are very nice. As a con these campgrounds aren’t available to everyone.

Hipcamp Review
Camping off the beaten path using Hipcamp

Camping using HipCamp is not your typical site and allows access to private land and individuals that choose to host outside their homes, or on their farmland or woods. Some HipCamp sites might solely give you access to a place to park or pitch a tent. The cons are there might not be any electric, sewage, cable or potable water on these sites.

Some HipCamp sites also, don’t allow fires or use of generators so you’ll need propane or battery power. All details should be read throughly for HipCamp sites as each site and host is different. If you’re confused about a listing contact the host. The perks of HipCamp include being cost effective, camping in secluded areas, meeting new hosts, and going off the beaten path.

Hipcamp Review
Basic campsites might only be a flat, cleared off spot in the woods. Do your research before hand and make sure you know what you’re getting. For me I am ok with the seclusion of basic wooded sites.

Some of the Hipcamp sites require dry camping. I think the key to camping in an RV or travel trailer without typical hookups is to first make sure you have enough potable water or water in your fresh water holding tank for showers ect to last the amount of time you’re camping. When I was looking for a site on HipCamp it was important to me to locate a site this time with electric hook up and potable water. This might not be a necessity for others, but we were looking at multiple days and I knew we wouldn’t have enough battery power for the whole trip.

Tips for a Great Camping Trip

1992 Sunline Saturn
Camping is an amazing way to relax, unwind and connect to nature!

We always make sure to have our fresh water holding tank full when we leave home. Our refrigerator and oven both run off propane so we also, make sure to have enough of it as well. If you use propane I suggest making sure to know where you can refill it if necessary when camping.

Finding a good laundromat like The Clothes Spin near your home away from home on a vacation can be invaluable. Laundromats like this can help you pack less and to quickly get everything washed so you can get back to your vacation or business.

Mapping out things like grocery stores and even hardware stores is also, something I find that helps our camping trips go smoothly. Depending on how many days we are going to be away I also, like to locate laundry services like using Madison Heights laundromat when camping. Planning to use a laundromat can ease the load of packing. The Clothes Spin is a great option for a way to clean your clothes while camping.

Get Outside and Go RVing

1992 Sunline Saturn Remodel
Inside my little beach house on wheels the Lilly Pad an almost 30 year old renovated Sunline Saturn.

Camping is an amazing way to relax, unwind and connect to nature! Getting outside and away from the hustle and bustle of the world can be very liberating and relaxing. Each type of camping site mentioned offers it’s own set of pros and cons, so be sure to do your research before you decided on booking. Whatever you choose just get outside and go RVing!

Let’s go camping!

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