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Camping in Williamsburg Virginia at Anvil Campground

Williamsburg, Virginia vacation camping at Anvil Campground.
When your choose lodging for your Williamsburg, Virginia vacation camping at Anvil Campground should be an option you consider.

When your choose lodging for your Williamsburg, Virginia vacation camping should be an option you consider. One of the things I most looked forward to when we started our camping journey was being able to not only camp for vacations, but also, using the camper for mini trips or even staycations. Having our little home on wheels with us is both convenient, cost effective and fun.

Though we live just across the James River and can take the ferry over to Williamsburg, Va we decided to rent a spot at Anvil Campground and make it a weekend trip there. We had a full day planned at Busch Gardens Williamsburg early for an early Dr. Guy Harvey meet and greet and then were going to see a concert there around 7:30, followed by fireworks at 9:30 so it was going to be a long day.

Anvil Campground is a great place to stay when visiting Williamsburg, Va

Why choose Anvil Campground for your Williamsburg, Virginia vacation?

The Anvil campground is a quick 12-15 minutes drive from Busch Gardens and is tucked away in the trees off Mooretown Rd, but still close enough to drive to plenty of restaurants and all that Williamsburg has to offer. I could see this being a perfect base hub for a trip to Colonial Williamsburg for someone that has never been. Anvil Campground has a nice layout with full hookups available and gravel spots. There are many amenities like a playground for children, children’s activities, a pool, game room,
general store and grilling areas.

Anvil Campground in Williamsburg, Virginia
Anvil Campground is tucked away in the trees off Mooretown Rd , but it is still close enough to all that Colonial Williamsburg has to offer

We were impressed with how friendly everyone we met at Anvil was and how helpful the staff were. From checking in, getting something we forgot at the general store and then checking out the staff of Anvil Campground were awesome. The general store on property has a wide variety of essential items for camping to purchase including items to make s’mores, cooking items, games and also, a good selection of RV hook up items. It was nice not to have to leave to go get ice or small things we wanted during our stay we didn’t bring. Their prices were also, reasonable.

Reasons to Camp in Williamsburg, Virginia

It rained during the day at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and let me tell you having the camper near was essential to making things easy for our visit. Everything I needed from a change of clothes to the umbrellas were right there. It was great and go take a shower, get on some dry clothes and have a place to relax in the ac for a snack without having to take the ferry back to our house. This is a huge perk considering Virginia’s hot summers! Camping at Anvil Campground in Williamsburg, Virginia allowed us to be comfortable when we returned to Busch Gardens Williamsburg for the concert.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Guy Harvey Meet and Greet
Dr. Guy Harvey meet and greet
at Busch Garden’s Williamsburg

Going camping doesn’t just mean going out for a week at a time in the woods it can also, mean short staycations and the option of having the familiarity of home close by. I can’t tell you how convenient having the Lilly Pad was for this busy weekend! The cost of renting a spot to camp at Anvil Campground in Williamsburg, Virginia even with full hookups is a fraction of the price of hotels and all my own personal comforts are included. The option to bring and cook your own food camping can also, be a money saver especially for a larger family.

For me it’s great to be able to pack the RV with our essentials and not have to lug them in/out. I’m able to use my favorite shampoo instead of the hotel/travel sized options, feel like everything I’m using is clean and it’s such a wonderful feeling to sleep in our own bed after a long day. I would definitely recommend camping and using the Anvil Campground to others visiting the Williamsburg area.

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