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Chincoteague,Va- a visit to Virginia’s Eastern Shore

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I made my way up Virginia’s Eastern Shore to Chincoteague Island recently for a weekend trip. If you’ve never been to Chincoteague Island it is peaceful and a quiet piece of paradise. Known for wild horses and a slower pace of life. The town is very charming and has many unique shops and delicious restaurants.

While visiting Chincoteague I enjoyed brunch at a cute little place called Bill’s Prime on Main St. (pictured with the banana French toast and a peach melba) 🍑🥂

What is so special about Chincoteague?

If you’re not familiar with the book Misty by Marguerite Henry (written on the island) or seen the 1961 movie you might not know about this island’s unique tradition.👩‍🚒 Chincoteague Island’s fire department is know for its annual pony auction fundraiser where the saltwater cowboys go onto Assateague Island and head up the wild horses that roam there.

In front of the Island Theater in Chincoteague, Va you can see Misty’s hoof prints 🐴

The horses are vet checked and swim across Assateague Channel to Chincoteague Island where foals from the herd are auctioned off to the highest bidder. The proceeds go to future wild horse care and to the fire department. The adult ponies and a buy back foal (one bought to return to the island) are swam back to the island.

Statue of Misty on Main Street in Chincoteague, Va

The 2021 auction is canceled this year due to the pandemic, but the horses from the island have still been receiving vet checks. It is really a spectacular event to watch if you ever get the chance to go. I have fond memories of going as a child. If you’re lucky you can often see the wild herd off the island.

The wild life refuge on Virginia’s Eastern Shore has plenty of nature to see and beautiful photo opportunities.

Things to do and see on Virginia’s Eastern Shore

There are so many beautiful overlooks and wildlife areas around Chincoteague on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. 🦋 During our stay we were able to visit the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge and watched the wild horses in the distance.

The wisteria was gorgeous on this trail at the wildlife refuge on the Easter Shore.

After coming across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel there is a refuge for example that has a visitor’s center, butterfly trail, a marsh overlook, boat launch and lots of information on the area. Thought the weather was a bit gloomy and it did rain when I was there it was still a pretty area to visit. Plenty of signs are visible after crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel to direct to the parks and overlooks.

The ghost fleet at Kiptopeke State Park on Virginia’s Eastern Shore

The Kiptopeke State Park also, has some cool views and from the shore one can also, see the ghost fleet of Kiptopeke. The ghost fleet is comprised of old cement ships used during WWII to transport commodities. When no longer needed they were moored off the coast to stand as a jetty. On a clear day more details can be seen, but in the mist they looked quite eerie.

The lighthouse at Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge

If you’re a horse enthusiast seeing the wild ponies is quite exhilarating and worth the visit in itself. If you love fresh seafood look no further than the local restaurants that serve it up fresh daily. If you enjoy fishing for your own dinner there are plenty of places to launch your boat and charters available too. If you’re looking to get outdoors you can find a slower pace of life by walking or bike around breathing in the fresh sea breeze. Chincoteague and Virginia’s Eastern Shore truly has something for everyone! Book your own stay today.

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Take A Walk in My Flip Flops:Travel Blog

Clarksville, Virginia Small Town USA

If you’re into water sports, fishing, camping or looking for something a little different for a getaway and maybe an introduction to camping I recommend checking out a small town gem by visiting Clarksville, Va.

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Nestled across the bridge across Kerr Lake is picturesque Clarksville, Va. The town is full of southern charm with quaint small town businesses, cozy restaurants and amazing hospitality. Known to many as Buggs Island it is also, an area of fisherman/woman’s dream as Kerr Lake has some of the best bass fishing Virginia can offer.

Six seconds in Clarksville, Virginia a lakeside travel destination.

Why visit Clarksville,Va?

Lovers of the water, water sports and fishing definitely can find plenty to do in Clarksville. Boating is obviously a popular pastime of the area and many options are available to launch your own boat from public areas, or to rent a boat or kayak/canoe during your stay. (I do not have any personal recommendations for rentals)

Kayaking on Kerr Lake is beautiful and very relaxing. Many options are available including rentals and public launches for those bringing their own boat, kayak or canoe.

For those that like to fish there are also, options to arrange for guided fishing trips on Kerr Lake. I haven’t personally taken a guided fishing trip on Kerr Lake, but I have fishing the lake many times and I have caught some keepers from docks on Kerr and from the banks of the Occoneechee State Park.

Fishing from the banks of Occoneechee State Park

For those not interested in the water there are several hiking options, biking trails, equestrian riding areas, picnic sports and playgrounds within Occoneechee State Park. The park also, offers some educational programs and has a small museum featuring information on Native American history in the area. In town Clarksville also, has some lovely small businesses to shop too like Hites, Doodlebugs, and the Cottage Barn.

Lodging around Clarksville, Va

One of the cabins at Occoneechee State Park I have rented for our visit to Clarksville, Va

Occoneechee State Park is a perfect area to stay when visiting Clarksville. The state park has some beautiful cabins (some on the lake), as well as options for camping spots for your own tent, trailer or RV. The park is very clean, the staff are very professional and everyone I have met while staying here has been friendly.

There are many other options for lodging in Clarksville too. Various AirBnB listings for example are available in the area as well. I personally have found several local gems with private docks and other amenities on Kerr Lake using AirBnb. In addition to these ideas there are a few hotel/motel options that I can’t personally speak for because I haven’t stayed there as well as other RV/camp sites.

What’s for dinner (or dessert) ?

Ice cream is always a good option and the Cottage Barn in Clarksville not only has ice cream and light eats, but also, features antique furniture and some adorable home decor.

Whether staying in a cabin, a hotel/motel or an Airbnb there are plenty of choices for food in Clarksville. Besides bringing your own food, or catching dinner one can visit the local Dollar General Market (a grocery store expansion of the smaller Dollar G chain) to purchase supplies locally or visit one of the the many restaurants in downtown Clarksville. From fine dinning, casual bites, pizza or ice cream there is something for everyone in Clarksville.

One of the best local restaurants in my opinion is Cooper’s Landing Inn. This restaurant and inn might be in a small town, but it has lots of class. Surrounded by hanging ferns, loaded with hospitality and complete with rocking chairs on their front porch Cooper’s Landing gives off the perfect southern charm.

The Island Oasis is a tropical vacation in a glass and features champagne, Grand Marnier and Blue Curaçao.

For those that enjoy a cocktail the Sunday brunch menu includes a wide variety of mimosa drinks and the dinner menu features an extensive list of martinis and other cocktails. I have personally tried the First Kiss, the Fresh Mint Lemon Drop which had the most amazing mint finish to it and the Bellini Martini. If you like sweet drinks the First Kiss was like drinking a sweet nectar and the alcohol was very hidden 🌸 For brunch I have tried the Hawaiian and Island Oasis both of which taste like tropical vacations in a glass.

Inside Cooper’s Landing it is bright and beautifully decorated. The first kiss martini in my hand is perfect for those that enjoy a sweet drink.

The restaurant has both indoor and patio seating, a great menu and beautiful decor. It was a bit breezy both times I went so we opted for indoor seating. The restaurant decor to me is bright and welcoming with a touch of elegance.

Lobster mac and cheese (top left), wedge salad (second right), shrimp and grits (bottom left), cookie dough cheesecake (third right). Drinks, Fresh Mint Lemon Drop (bottom right) and Bellini Martini (top right)

When we went for dinner my husband had the lobster mac and cheese and I had the wedge salad and the shrimp and grits all of which were amazing! The dessert selection changes daily and they had a beautiful dessert cart for making a selection. We decided on a piece of cookie dough cheesecake to top off our meal. I was so surprised by all the amazing food choices and the service. I felt like I was in a large city five star restaurant.

Michellina’s salad with filet (top right), Brie cheese plate (middle) and (bottom right) Sausage Croute

Brunch was equally delicious with a Brie cheese plate, croute and the Michellina’s salad with the filet. This brunch was the perfect way to start the day or in our case to end our weekend getaway. I highly recommend visiting Cooper’s Landing when in Clarksville.

Sunset on Kerr Lake

If you’re into water sports, fishing, camping or looking for something a little different for a getaway and maybe an introduction to camping I recommend checking out a small town gem by visiting Clarksville, Va. You are bound to find something you enjoy doing and with the beautiful scenery you’re sure to relax and feel well rested when your return home! Time really seems to slow down when in nature and that’s incentive enough for me to want to visit Clarksville again.

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