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A Socially Distanced Day at the Virginia Zoo, Norfolk, Va

Looking for something to do that can help animals and also, get you outside in a socially distanced environment? How about looking into visiting your local zoo or a farm open to visitors. Many zoos and small visitor farms with animals have really suffered during the pandemic. This is a perfect way get outside and to show your support.


Visiting the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk,Va

Yes, I know some zoos have become infamous for the animal treatment, but good ones like the Virginia Zoo, have programs for animal conservation (like save the white rhino), educational programs and programs for preservation. I know I throughly enjoyed my time at the zoo!

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Tickets for the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk, Va are only sold in advance and limited. Social distancing at the zoo is easy and masks are encouraged on the trails. There are signs up in some areas close to the animal areas that require mandatory masks.

One of the cheetahs inside their enclosure at the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk, Va.

Several areas of the zoo are closed off like the reptile area which is inside, the petting zoo for animal safety and an interactive animal walk through. There are also, plenty of hand sanitation stations at the zoo to make sure you’re safe. Going during the week I feel there were less people that purchased tickets than probably during a weekend. This maybe something you want to consider as well.

Tiger Trail at the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk, Va

The majority of the zoo is open and it was easy to spend a couple of hours here looking at the animals. I especially loved the Tiger Trail which has an Asia themed area. Unfortunately, the tiger was hiding during my visit and the white rhinos were in the holding area due to repairs on their enclosure. I did get to see the new baby giraffe that was recently born!

Second from the front the new baby giraffe born at the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk, Va.

Food Options at the Zoo

A gluten and dairy free options at the zoo is a chocolate covered banana which comes in plain, sprinkles, strawberry/vanilla or cookies and cream flavors.

The restaurant at the Virginia Zoo was open too and had a wide variety of meal and snack options. I enjoyed a gluten and dairy free chocolate covered banana 🍌 The seating area over looks the zebras and is very nice.

Zoo Activities

The train that goes around the zoo was also, open. The train is an extra $2 per person and isn’t included with zoo admission. The train goes around the outside area of the animals and a few can be seen if they are in certain areas of their pens. The gift shop is also, open. Be sure to check online before you go as some special events are listed as coming soon for the zoo too.

Flowers on display while riding the train at the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk,Va

Overall this was a wonderful way to get outside on a beautiful day and to enjoy nature. I would highly recommend a trip to the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk, Va if you live in Virginia or are visiting. Due to the pandemic it is important to remember to plan ahead and buy your tickets in advance and be sure to look at the zoo website and map to confirm what you want to see is open.