Virginia Brand Ambassador, Digital Creator and Social Media Marketing

Why collaborate with me?

Hi! I’m Krystle and I believe marketing is more than photoshopped photos and curated posts. I understand this because I grew up in a small town with my father owning a small business. I have seen firsthand all the love and dedication it takes to run a business. I am dedicated to putting in the same energy representing a brand both in person and online. I am passionate about what I do and especially enjoy the hands on approach of experiential marking.

A collaboration is about more than a paycheck. This is my reputation and if I know I can’t offer a brand or business what they are asking for I won’t work with the brand. If a product or business doesn’t resonate with me or if I don’t love it how can I convince someone else to? I believe if I work with your brand or business and I help your brand grow or influence someone else to buy your products or look more into your brand then I’ve done my job.

Working with different products and brands and being a connection between a brand and the consumer is exhilarating. I especially enjoy working with small and local brands and developing a strategy to help them grow in person and on social media.

Previous social media management responsibilities have included, but were not limited to ensuring that all client’s social media platforms are updated regularly with engaging content, creating social media content on various platforms including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest, creating and running Meta based business Ads, engaging with consumers and responding to messages or comments and reporting on the performance/ results of social media content and ads.

Who am I?

After earning my undergrad in Criminal Justice, Sociology and a minor in Psychology I perused a MBA at Liberty University in Human Resource. Upon graduation from Liberty University I decided to continue my love of marketing and have over seventeen years of experience in the promotional marketing/ experiential marketing field. In addition to this I have training in Life Coaching and public speaking for consultation and events.

I have worked on-site events in the positions of Field Marketing Manager, Team Lead, Brand Ambassador, Spokesmodel, Product Specialist, and as Trade Show/Booth Management. In these positions I have proven the capability of self motivation and management of a 20+ team and shown the ability to achieve top sales in promotional campaigns being awarded several national top sales awards for brands like Serta Mattress and Tassimo Beverages.

In my seventeen years of experiential marketing I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of companies such as Walmart, Ford Motor Co, General Motors Brand, Walgreens, Johnson & Johnson, Target, Costco, Proctor and Gamble, PepsiCo, Best Buy, Hawaiian Tropic, Geico, Dick’s Sporting Goods, 7-Eleven and many others working both locally and nationally. Many of these brands have hired me back for multiple events or long term campaigns.

I have created social media content for the Legendary Virginia Diner, Duck Donuts, Vont, Proper Good, UIN Footwear, MVMT Watch Wear, Madison Braids, Sanderling Resort, FAST Shampoo, SOL -Survive Outdoors Longer, Hilton, Virginia Diner Peanuts, Good Molecules, RVShare, HiBar Solid Shampoo, Two Lane, KatieK Activewear, CitizenM, the Peanut Patch, MantraBand, Funky Buddha Brewing, Goli, SeaQuest, Go Think Co, Mullen’s Applesauce, Ougee Clothing, FERIDIES World Famous Snacks, SkeeterHawk USA, Lollo Vita, the Juicy Crab, NUStrips, FancySkin, the Original Cake Bites, TRUEarth, H2OBX, ActiSpot II, Keruss Official, Been There Done That, Life Mapped, Lumineaux, Simply Southern Collection, LoveVook Bags, Laura Mercier, Tru Botanicals, Smithfield Aesthetics, Bare Brown and Bikini, Love Youth Secret, Rose Lives, Michael’s Health, Memento, Dr. Zenovia, Demetes Turtles, Kroger, Kask Jewelry, Well Path, BootyBag, Bad Habit Boutique, Wren Home, GoldBond, Fruiterro, Chanellos, Charbroil Grills, Ascents Reign and more.

Let’s Hype Your Brand Up!

If you’re a brand or business looking for an all star brand ambassador, booth manager, in person event marketing, public speaking engagements or social media marketing please reach out today and let my 17 years of experiential marketing experience work for you! Email me today!

Examples of Krystle’s 17 years in the field hands on Brand Ambassador and Promotional Modeling work at trade shows, festivals, fairs and in person events.

Krystle has experience in acting/theater and most recently you can find me in the St. Luke’s Church Commercial and the Destination Virginia H2OBX Episode Summer 2021

St. Luke’s Church Commercial
Destination Virginia: H2OBX