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Who are you posting for? (and why they are not listening)

Have you ever had what you thought was the perfect blog, social media or reel post in your mind? Then you go to post it only to have it get a few views, likes and comments. If this has happen you are not alone and it can be a let down. Anyone that develops content knows the time it can take to come up with material. If you are not getting any interactions or results from all your work it can turn into a daunting task to create.

Burnout can happen when this occurs as well. Before you throw in the towel on your dream of blogging, creating or posting perhaps you need to revisit the question of, “who are you posting for”. Think back to why you started your blog or social media account. Maybe when you started you were looking to share your passion of something with the world or trying to get more foot traffic into your small business perhaps. Whatever that reason was maybe you have gotten away from it and become distracted.

Rediscover your creativity

Burnout can happen when this occurs as well. Before you throw in the towel though on your dream of blogging, creating or posting perhaps you need to revisit the question of,
“who are you posting for”.

We are bombarded and overstimulated daily with images and content. Though other’s content may help spark creativity in you it can also, lead to comparison and development of unrealistic expectations. If you are seeing others seemingly grow without effort for example you may feel frustrated. You must stop comparing yourself to other creators. You don’t know what their journey has been and you don’t know even know if the numbers you see are real.

Secondly, if your content is self serving it is likely people will not want to follow you or engage with your account. The majority of people get on social media looking to be entertained and/or to learn something. If you are a business or a blogger you should be posting content that is directed towards solving a problem for your niche/audience, educating them (as you showcase your products or services) and entertaining them.

Self serving content doesn’t sell!

No one wants to see the same content on repeat or content that comes off as pushy or braggadocious . Remember to give your viewers a variety of content. If you are a business or brand try mixing your content up using the 4.1.1 rule. This rule suggests posting 1 hard sale to 1 soft sale and 4 entertaining posts. Following this type of content strategy helps to give a mix of content.

Your viewers and readers do not want to be bombarded with having products pushed on them. Building a community with your followers is important. Likewise posting honest content will help to develop trust with your followers/readers. Your goal may be to sell your products or services or increase brand awareness, but you can’t do this without building your engagement.

Finding a balance and knowing when to hire a digital creator

If you have seen an unfavorable change in your account you should take a hard look at your content and your strategy. It may be time to redevelop a plan that’s more effective for your brand. Creating, editing and posting can be overwhelming especially if you’re already trying to run a business. Combined with unfamiliarity of marketing techniques or social media development and it can be a daunting challenge.

If you haven’t posted in the last couple of days you are loosing out on major revenue. You might benefit from a professional service to help you. Hiring a digital creator can help you figure things out. I grew up in a small business and I understand small business needs. I strives to help small businesses and brands grow their social media presence. If you’re interested I would love to help you create something eye catching to get you those much needed views. Let’s connect today and let my 16 years of marketing experience work for you.

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