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Support Small Businesses

Having a network for inspiration and support has never been more necessary. Small business owners have learned to pivot and adjust their business models especially during the pandemic years to keep businesses and communities running. In the past couple years I saw communities rally to support the small businesses that keep them vibrant.

I know personally I had people reach out to me like never before to ask if work was going ok and if they could do anything to help support me. These messages from people letting me know they had my back were greatly appreciated. I never knew prior to the pandemic how many strangers cared.

During 2020 it was all about innovation and I like many others had to find new ways to be successful. In my field of experiential marketing I used social media more to connect to brands and network with others. Social media also, was a place to share wins with other small business owners, family and friends I was connecting with face to face as normal. This was so important especially in the last two years because we all needed the extra encouragement.

I’m so proud of small business owners and operators! Our resilience has inspired the world with our adaptability and innovation as we sought new ways to protect our dreams and serve the communities we are a part of. Sometimes it was hard to stay optimistic, but I’m happy to have survived this test. Purchasing my 16th business license is a rewarding feeling!

We need to keep the momentum going by encouraging each other to support the small businesses we love today so they are here for us when we need them tomorrow. Be sure to let your favorite small businesses know why you love them.

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