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Use Negativity to Propel Forward

I think back on times when someone told me I wouldn’t accomplish something or when (fake) friends were not in my corner for support. These people and the experiences actually gave me more encouragement to succeed. They made me determined to prove them wrong and propelled me forward. When people aren’t for you don’t allow them to speak negative into existence, but work harder to prove them wrong. Every time things seemed overwhelming or like I couldn’t do it I thought of the naysayers and their negativity, but not in a way that I let it bring me down.

No matter what you feel like your are up against or how strong you think your enemies are I’m here to tell you I’m proof we all can do anything we put our mind to. If I would have allowed a teacher telling me I wasn’t college material, being assaulted, an abusive relationship or health issues to hold me back I would have been settling and depriving myself.

I feel as if I need to go find these people and buy them lunch because I wouldn’t be the success I am without them trying to discourage me or hold me back. I believe they were put in my path for a purpose. If I wouldn’t have encountered the naysayers over the years or had to climb the mountains maybe I would have settled and wouldn’t have accomplished my dreams.

How you choose to approach the adversity in your life is important. I’m a victor and not a victim; this is my mindset. It is my experience that everything and everyone can be against me, but God is always for me and he loves me. As promised in Psalms 23:5, God has blessed me in front of my enemies and he can do the same thing for you. Don’t allow the negative things in your life to hold you back, but instead use them to propel you forward.

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