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You’re Free to Be Different

ƳƠƲ’ƦЄ ƑƦЄЄ ƬƠ ƁЄ ƊƖƑƑЄƦЄƝƬ! If everyone was the same and liked the same things how boring would life be?! No matter what society tells you to do to fit in be rebellious and choose to be different. Don’t be afraid to live your own fairytale; no one else should get to write your story, but you.

The older I get I’ve learned many people are good at trying to force others to fit into a certain way of life. I color outside the lines though and I can guarantee I don’t want the same things as you. That’s what makes us unique and what makes me stand apart from you.

Being different unfortunately can cause a person to be ridiculed or made fun of. It’s hard to learn, but self esteem and self worth should not be linked to acceptance by society. Being different might cost friends too. However, you will find your tribe and be better off with people that can accept and support the real you.

I think it takes a lot of courage in today’s world to embrace being different. Most people want to fit into a certain category or a label that’s popular and few want to be someone that stands out. It is unfortunate that as a society things out of the norm are labeled as bad or,“abnormal”.

Our society puts a negative label on things they aren’t used to or can’t understand. These labels dont really mean those things are actually wrong. If society would move more towards acceptance and embracing the unique and different, imagine what a wonderful place the world could be. So many people would stop hiding who they truly are.

We must each do our part to promote inclusion of differences and to share who we really are. If you see something happening that you don’t agree with stand up. It is likely others want to make a stand too, but may need a leader to follow. Be a leader!

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