Backyard Farming

Healthy Choices=Healthy You

At one point in my life I was guilty of letting myself eat too much processed food, fast food and junk food. I was not drinking enough water and I had stopped being active and exercising. It was easier to go to the snack machine and grab that Dr. Pepper and chips or stop by a drive-thru on my way home from the hospital than to pack a healthy meal. I put on about 80 lbs in a very short time doing this.

I started having migraines, gut issues, high blood pressure and joint pain. I was young and couldn’t understand what was going on with me or why I felt so sluggish. Prior to this I had always been active, drank lots of water, ate a balanced diet and maintained the same weight. I started to look at what I was doing differently in my life. I learned that what I was putting into my body not only was making me gain weight, but that I was polluting my gut with toxic ingredients in processed foods.

I also, realized I was contributing to my own depression by not being active. As soon as I eliminate the daily fast food and junk food, started back exercising and drinking water the weight literally melted off. I felt energetic, went back to my normal blood pressure, eliminated joint pain, minimized my gut issues and headaches. I realized my choices then weren’t healthy and I needed to change.

Besides going back to healthy eating and exercising I started to educate and pay more attention to the ingredients in my food and the eat organic even in the body and home products I was using too. I started growing some of our own food too. It became important to me to dedicate time to homesteading and being in control of my food. This quest has grown over the past years and we are able to supplement many things we previously bought at the grocery store.

Making smart food choices, getting outside and being active can contribute directly to overall health. Healthy choices can equal up to a healthy you. I hope by blogging and sharing my active lifestyle it inspires others to get outside and to let the wanderlust bug bite. Every little change you make will add up if you’re consistent.

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