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What does mental health mean to you?

When someone’s personality changes it might mean more than they are just having a bad day. Don’t be afraid to ask someone if they are OK.

Sadly the topic of mental health is still very stigmatized in our society. If someone we knew were to break an arm for example most people would send them a get well card, maybe visit them in the hospital or call to check on them.However, mental health related issues, battling depression or anxiety is not treated the same by society.

Yet, mental health issues are just as serious as the broken arm example (if not even more serious).Unlike a physical ailment such as the broken arm where a cast is worn, mental illness often can’t be easily detected by friends/family. Many people that have mental health issues fight them in silence.

Mental health is often a taboo topic. With this reality those that suffer may not want to speak about their mental health issues due to worry about being judged or rejected by society. Don’t be fooled and think just because someone looks ok on the outside that they are.

I went to work and went on with daily life after assault and abuse. I kept a pretty front on the outside even when my mental health had been effected and I literally felt like I was dying on the inside. Nights awake paralyzed in anxiety, feeling utterly alone, crying in my car after work, taking extra showers or going into the bathroom so I could have a place to cry were a dark reality.

Do your part to help others

Not everyone can speak out about their issues. Do your part and pay attention to your friends? family and co-workers. When someone’s personality changes it might mean more than they are just having a bad day. Be vigilant of changes and don’t be afraid to ask someone if they are OK. Be kind to strangers that you don’t know too. Smile at people and offer to lend a hand if you can.

You never know who might desperately need a little bit of kindness. We must all work to make others feel included and loved. Eradicating stigmas and prevention of labeling is important. Judgment and bullying should be unacceptable in our society period.

If you see someone doing something to another person and can safely intervene, don’t be afraid to step in and stand up for someone who might not be able to stand up for themselves or notify the police/authorities to help. Help make a stand for mental health. You never know you could save a life!

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