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Someone Else’s Dream

….learn from others, but don’t ever settle for someone else’s dream

We can all choose to go on autopilot. Life doesn’t require you to be original. Some people like choosing the path of least resistant or to go down a path that has already been cut out for them. That is ok as long as you’re ok with following someone else’s dream.

My advice is to learn from others, but don’t ever settle for someone else’s dream. If I would have worried about other people’s ideas or dreams I would have never escaped my situation. On the outside I appeared to have everything, but on the inside I was falling apart. I was smiling, but no one really knew the toll of abuse or the amount of sadness I felt inside.

I have been to rock bottom and not only survived, but flourished after. Things may seem dismal right now, but you too can break free from whatever or whoever is holding you back. What you dream for yourself you can achieve it.

From my experiences the happiest people aren’t the ones that have experienced a life of easy without hurt, we are just the ones that have learned how to accept change, file the bad memories in our mind and focusing on to goals that we want. Listen to your heart and figure out what you truly want. Make an effort to seek out the resources and even people around you that can help you towards your goals. Surround yourself with cheerleaders and positives.

Develop a plan to achieve your goals and focus your mind each day on what YOU want. Consistency is key and it will take hard work to achieve any goal. Change isn’t going to be visible over night, but all those baby steps add up. This is true for any goal whether it be weight loss, gaining self confidence/feeling better about yourself, improving your mental health and even business. If you don’t like the path you’re on then change it and dream your own dream. Don’t be afraid of the change or the transformation.