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Spring is a Great Opportunity for DIY

One of the many beautiful hardwood options available at the Brazilian Wood Depot

|Sponsored|Spring for many means time for spring cleaning and sprucing thing up. In the past year many of us have spent more time at home than ever before. I know I have used the extra time in the past year for many at home projects. There are many things that a person can do to their home themselves to make a big different. Sometimes I surprise people by saying I’m a big do-it-yourselfer, but I really enjoy home remodel projects.

A Fresh Coat of Paint

For under $100 I transformed this room for a friend. Nothing major was done to this old den except changing the paint scheme which helped turn it into the perfect cozy farm kitchenette.

A fresh coat of paint or a new color scheme in a room can do wonders for it. Painting is really one of the easiest changes you can make. Recently in my colonial farmhouse remodel for example, we opted for painting and adding a chair rail instead of spending the money to rip out the walls and sheetrock. Painting can be a tedious task depending on the space, but it is a relatively easy and cost effective task.

Flooring Changes-The Benefits of Hardwood

Removing the title and carpet in this outdated kitchen and kitchenette and adding in hardwood made for a cozy vibe in this farmhouse kitchen.

Another easy change to make in a room or space is to add new flooring. I am a big fan of hardwood and I can’t say enough good things about hardwood or the benefits of removing carpet from your home, especially if you have allergies. Adding hardwood to your home is an investment and will give you a beautiful option that lasts. As a material hardwood is relatively easy to work with and there are many videos available to show you how to correctly install it.

Depending on the age of your home you may be surprised what is under your carpet. Many older home have hardwood hiding under the carpet. There are many products on the market today to help restore floors like these 100 year old floors.

Depending on the age of your home you may be surprised that many older home have existing hardwood that has been covered over. When I bought our farmhouse I was lucky that many of the original 100 year old floors had been covered by carpet and were in relatively great shape only needing sanding and stain. For the flooring in the kitchen and den I knew I wanted to continue with wood and invest in new hardwood. It was also, a no brainer when we bought our beach house that the first changes we would make would be to add in hardwood to the kitchenette, kitchen and master bedroom.

Paneling can look dated, but adding some paint, chair rail and changing to wood flooring in this room made a beautiful and cost effective remodel.

Tips for Buying Hardwood

The Brazilian Wood Depot has a vast selection of wood for your projects both inside and out.

Buying hardwood may seen a bit daunting with all the many choices and a good company is essential to making your hardwood purchase easy. The Brazilian Wood Depot (BWD), for example is a great choice with many options. BWD has wood for siding (including Ipe wood siding which is milled to order), tongue and grove, decking, as well as many accessories. The BWD is located in Atlanta, Ga and provides some of the most competitive rates for both shipping and materials. The best part about BWD to me is they promote the protection and stewardship of our natural forests.

Some of the many accessories available at the Brazilian Wood Depot to help you get your DIY job done!

Not everyone is comfortable with DIY projects, but working with a good company can really help with tips and tutorials to make the process easy. DIY projects in my opinion are fun and it is very rewarding to sit back and see the efforts of one’s hard work. I wouldn’t trade the feeling of satisfaction Ive had remodeling for myself or others. My biggest tip for starting a DIY project on your home or outdoor space is to start small and give yourself ample time to work on the project.