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Traveling During the Pandemic

Navigating travel in a pandemic doesn’t have to be stressful. With a little extra planning and following a few tips your vacation can be stress free (with or without a pandemic).

Pandemic 😷 Travel

|Sponsored| When March rolls around for me I feel like I have made it through winter and my mind instantly starts thinking about spring, cooking outside and vacations. With the pandemic things have been a little different with my approach to vacations. By choice I have not been on a plane since March of last year and have picked all destinations that are within driving distance for us.

Destinations such as state/national parks and beaches have worked well for us because the ability to social distance. Many of the destinations that we would normally visit during the winter like Gettysburg, Pennsylvania or the Outer Banks we were still able to safely visit this winter. The only difference that I have made going to these locations is of course having a mask and making sure to have hand wipes, hand sanitizer and a mini Lysol.

Social distancing is easy at the beach and many locations offer take out or direct deliveries to hotels, condos and rentals. Vacations are for relaxing! Prevent stress by doing your research on the location you’re thinking of visiting and what is offered before you go.

Tips for making travel less stressful 😁

Prior to the pandemic I traveled a lot for work and I found that there are several things that one can do to make travel less stressful (with or without a pandemic). One of the best tips I have if you travel often is to have a designated toiletry bag that you keep packed and refill when you come back from a trip if necessary. I have a small Lilly Pulitzer zip that I keep filled with shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, razor, lotion and body lotion. If I am flying I make sure to put my liquids and gels in a ziplock too so I can take them out at security.

A clear or clear printed multilayered zip like this Lilly Pulitzer travel bag works great for all my necessities. I can easily leave all my toiletries in this bag even when I’m not traveling too for easy access. I like to store everything together in a tote and love this Barrington monogrammed St Anne tote. The best part is this tote also, has a zip so when I want to use it as a carry on I can store it under my seat without worry of it spilling out.

I also, have a second bag that I have set aside for medications that I travel with including things like Band-Aids, Neosporin, aspirin, stomach relief etc. These two bags are important to me and stay inside of a larger zip tote in my closet for easy access on a trip. In addition I keep a couple pair of socks inside my tote, extra masks and a pair of foldable travel flip flops. Feeling sick, having wet or aching feet during travel or at an event can ruin things and these items help insure I’m covered.

Always remember to pack things to make your trip less stressful like pain, stomach, motion sickness and allergy relief. Packing extra socks, masks and a pair of flats or flip flops is normally a good idea too! It is better to be prepared than sorry when it comes to travel.

Another thing that can ease the load of packing is to find out if your hotel or resort offers laundry services. This can help you cut down on some of the items you need to pack on a long trip. If you’re using an AirBnB many hosts will allow use of their personal laundry for a small fee or you can even locate a laundromat mat near where you are staying. For example if you’re planning a stay in Virginia near the popular Smith Mountain Lake there is a great laundromat called The Clothes Spin. With apps and the use of Google it is easy to look up a laundromat near Gretna VA for example.

Finding a good laundromat like The Clothes Spin near your home away from home on a vacation can be invaluable. Laundromats like this can help you pack less and to quickly get everything washed so you can get back to your vacation or business.

If you’re trying to save money besides looking for somewhere to wash clothes or a uniform if you’re working away from home you can also, research places to get groceries or necessities you don’t need to pack too. Many AirBnbs give use of a kitchen and some hotels and resorts also, have at least a mini fridge and microwave for light meals. Sometimes knowing an estimate of how much money you’re going to spend on a trip is reassuring. Integrating a few of these easy tips into your next trip planning can help eliminate some of your travel stress. Safe travels!