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Chains of Judgment

Break free today!

Are you letting other people hold you back from living your best life? I remember holding my dad’s hand and asking him on his deathbed was there anything he wished he would have done. He didn’t say anything about pleasing other people during his life.

Ask yourself, why are you worrying about what others think about you? What do other’s opinions of you really matter when they don’t add to your life. Whatever it is that is holding you back no matter if it is your own fears or the worry about others and their judgment, we all have to learn to spread our wings and fly away from the chains of judgment (self inflicted or otherwise).

Spending your time worrying about other people and their judgmental opinions is not worth your time. Worrying about them changes nothing and only interferes with your own inner peace. For me I made a decision a long time ago that I am not going to let people or their opinions live rent free in my mind.

The world is full of judgmental people and many of them have nothing to do, but to sit and judge. How pathetic of a life a judgmental person leads. People are going to talk about you no matter what! If you think that you will get to a place where people will eventually leave you alone I think you are deceiving yourself.

Unless, someone is in a position where you want to be I would disregard other’s opinions about you and your life all together. Strive to take the advice of a mentor or someone trained to help you in your journey. Someone looking to help you isn’t going to judge or tear you down they are going to help you level up.

I hope you too can break free from the chains of judgmental people. Remember worrying about other people and their opinions is not worth your time. Spend that time cherishing your moments and making lots of memories before you can’t. Get out there and go live your best life NOW!