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I recently had family over in my home for the first time in awhile due to the pandemic. It felt good to cook a meal for them and to safely gather. I was beyond grateful for this moment. When it was over I sat and reflected how I have taken for granted gatherings like this hundreds of times before.

This past year has been very difficult for many. During this time I confirmed something my dad told me long ago, that if you are thankful you will not be as fearful or worried. This is not to say that all will magically be perfect in your life, but by redirecting your mind and focus to things that you are thankful for does make a big difference (in mood and thoughts).

So many people are scared to speak on many topics right now. Scared they will come off as insensitive, saying something that will cost them friends or followers. I have seen people lash out at each other, unfriend each other, and be so unkind. People are visibly becoming more divided and on edge.

No mater if you side with the right or the left remember we are all humans. Turn your focus from the likes, follows and trying to be of popular opinion and take time to be kind to your fellow man/woman, say thank you to others and be slow to speak.

I think we can agree that we all have something we can be thankful for and that we could all use more love, kindness and support in our lives. I am in control of my thoughts and I will not let the negativity seep in. Give yourself a moment and reflect on something you are thankful for today.

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