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Listen instead of read…

The number one question I get from people is how am I always so happy and positive💕For me mindfulness is the key to my happiness because it takes away my stress🙇🏻‍♀️➡️😁 Making an active decision to bring one’s attention to the present is the practice of mindfulness.

It can be difficult sometimes with all of life’s distractions to keep one’s attention in the present moment. Mindfulness isn’t easily maintained and can require lots of practice to get one’s focus back on the present. Some individuals find that by focusing on the senses of sound, feelings in the moment or other real time sensations they are able to better focus on the present. There are many teachings/therapy models that involve mindfulness practices🧠

A simple google search can attest to what stress can do to our mind and bodies. I think we call all agree that the health implications linked to stress alone are very disturbing. Pinpointing where your individual stress is coming from is the first step to eradicating stress from your life. If you feel that overthinking a situation or spending more time focusing on other things besides the present moment is causing your stress, practicing mindfulness can be beneficial to making a positive thought change💡

Being mindful of the present can direct our thoughts and focus away from these stressors. This isn’t to be confused with making future plans/goals. These types of future thinking and planning shouldn’t be stressful, but should help facilitate growth and positive change. You don’t want to eliminate them. Dwelling on what is to come or what needs to be done however can cause stress. Take time to listen to yourself and understand your own thoughts📖

I have found that by allowing myself some quiet time alone with my thoughts or to meditate helps me better focus on the present. Studies have shown that people who are able to practice mindfulness are better at managing their depression and anxiety. It is worth the effort to strive to be more mindful and aware of the present. Positive thinking is a gift and it can transform your life. Remember one day at a time😉

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