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Beautifully Flawed

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Recovering from trauma is sometimes hard to explain to someone that hasn’t experienced it. The best way I can make it relatable is to say life after trauma is like knowing how to walk, but having to remind yourself multiple times daily that you have to put one foot in front of the other. To remember kindness and to unlearn the reactions to being hurt and to replace the bad memories with good ones is a journey.

I used to think I was broken, flawed and unrepairable. I wanted to rewind time and get back the person I was before anything happened to me. It took a lot of reflecting to understand I would never be the same woman I was before and that it was ok. I learned to embrace the scars both physically and mentally. Then one day something happened and I realized being flawed IS truly beautiful.

Most people have had some sort of trauma in their lives. Some maybe have not experienced abuse,assault or domestic violence, but pain lingers all the same. If you feel that you are flawed because of your experiences know that you are truly beautiful!

Don’t ever let anyone make you feel less of a person because of experiences that were out of your control. People are going to judge you without getting to know your story; it will hurt, but you will survive this too. Being beautifully flawed is being a survivor of your misfortunes and coming out all the more resilient.

Like a diamond which forms under heat and pressure sometimes we become the most beautiful after the trials and tribulations. So, learn to trust again even if you were taken advantage of. Be kind even if you were show the darkest side of evil. Be the light to others and don’t let anything change the person you were meant to be. Make sure the negative doesn’t win. Like a diamond shine after being under pressure. Be proud to show the world how beautifully flawed you are.

Do not be deceived that you don’t measure up by comparing your numbers to those of others. Live the best life that works for you, do things in moderation and do what makes you happy. Make decisions based on you and your family’s needs and not what society is telling you to do. It is better to be authentic than accepted. If you start to ignore all the numbers you might just find you are a little happier. Don’t ever compare your inside to someone else’s outside. — Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/krystleclear247/support
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