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Everyone has a chapter they don’t read out loud…

Dirty little feet from being barefoot, cotton dress, running around a farm kind of happy!

Hi for those that are new here I’m Krystle. It has been almost a month now of me Life Coaching/Encouragement blogging. I have really enjoyed coming up with new ideas for blog post, answering questions that people have sent me and opening myself up more on social media. I really believe that we all have a gift or some thing that makes us very unique. We can learn from each other and we need to share with each other.

I have had a few direct messages where people have pointed out that it looks like I have a, “perfect life”, so how can I possibly understand someone that is having a hard time or that I am pretty, so how can I understand the difficulties that come with having skin issues, scars ect. First, off I would like to say, that I appreciate the fact that you find me to be pretty or that you think the things I post are interesting and are worthy of being called perfect.

It is true my life is very good now and yes I am very happy. Things were not always this way though. Like everyone I’ve had my own difficulties and experienced death and feeling the pain that goes with it, including the loss of a parent. Other things in my life haven’t been so typical though like surviving assault (#metoo) and domestic violence. I do not share these things in hopes that you will sympathize with me, but I want you the reader to know that I too have been through my share of pain and trauma. I understand more than many give me credit for.

I know what it is like to not want to get out of bed in the morning, what it is like to not want to live another day, to wear dark sunglasses with gobs of makeup to hide bruises and I know all too well what it is like to hit rock bottom. Even though I can hide the scars I can’t forget my past and I learned how to overcome it. I know that I am a survivor and I am strong!

Everyone has a chapter they don’t read out loud, but if a part of my journey can help someone else to see a light at the end of their own trauma tunnel then I have served a purpose. Social media is packed with beautiful pictures and cute stories, but I know all too well that sometimes darkness and evil lurks behind those beautiful staged pictures. This is why I advocate so much for people to be kind to each other. If I wouldn’t have had a few small gestures of kindness in my life during the dark times who knows where I might be.

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