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The light is coming…don’t get discouraged

Each new day officially starts at midnight when it is still dark. Even though it’s dark out when we technically start a new day we know that the sun is soon on the way. All the forces of darkness can’t stop the sun from coming out. Think of this as an example that even though you might be in darkness right now the light is coming soon.

Sometimes our mind likes to tell us we are not where we need to be. Please know though even your anxiety, depression, troubles and bad breaks can’t keep you from your true purpose. It is OK to feel defeated, but do not remain sour. Be blameless and don’t attach your own difficulties to others.

Your feelings don’t always tell the truth. The negative voices telling you things like, “you won’t get out of debt, you won’t grow your business, you’ll never find a life partner, you can’t stop the disappointment in your life”, and many other negative thoughts are false. Everyone’s darkness is unique, but do not believe the lie that the darkness is permanent.

Sometimes we have to grow in the darkness to be able to accept the opportunities that are coming our way. It may not happen on your timetable, but you are on the path to leveling up. Even though it’s difficult we still must focus on the good and positive in our life during these difficult times. Believe that amazing things are coming your way. You might not see a way out now, but the light is coming! Do not get discouraged friends, you are doing great.

Do not be deceived that you don’t measure up by comparing your numbers to those of others. Live the best life that works for you, do things in moderation and do what makes you happy. Make decisions based on you and your family’s needs and not what society is telling you to do. It is better to be authentic than accepted. If you start to ignore all the numbers you might just find you are a little happier. Don’t ever compare your inside to someone else’s outside. — Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/krystleclear247/support
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