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Happy People Make Me Happy

Listen instead of read…

Surround yourself with happy people. Make your feed happy. Follow happy people and people that motivate you on Instagram and Social Media. Fill your inbox and your mind with stories of kindness, motivational quotes and things that make YOU smile.

We can’t control everyone around us and it’s ok for people to have a difference of opinions, but, you might consider weaning yourself away from people that constantly complain or are negative. It is my experience these people will bring you down with them.

Sometimes people might not even realize how negative they are. I am not encouraging you to shun people by any means or end friendships. Maybe your happiness will rub off on them! I do think it’s ok to tell someone that they are being negative and that you’re trying to remove negativity from your life. If the behavior continues then only you can make a decision if they are a good fit in YOUR life.

We’ve all held a few pitty parties and that’s ok as long as you learn from your mistakes and move onto focusing back on the happy. Ive found a good way to do this is to make time each day for you even if it’s just something little like making yourself a cup of coffee how you like it in the morning or allowing yourself time to look out the window and daydream for five minutes before work or waking up your children. Allocating time for YOU is important for your wellbeing!

Invest in yourself today. It is ok and it is not selfish to put yourself first for just a few minutes and breath. You can do it right now even. Try closing your eyes and focus on something that makes your smile…maybe it’s puppies chasing a ball or kittens playing with yarn, riding your favorite amusement park ride, watching your children play or biting into that yummy slice of homemade pizza (or whatever type of food you enjoy). Whatever your happy is let yourself focus on your happy thought for a few minutes and let go of everything else that is distracting you. Breath and enjoy the moment. I’m not going to lie it takes practice sometimes because our minds tend to wander, but you can over times reprogram your mind to focus on the happy if you choose 🙂

From my experiences the happiest people aren’t the ones that have experienced a life of easy without hurt, we are just the ones that have learned how to file those bad memories in our mind and focusing on the happy. Do not allow yourself to not keep revisiting the painful things. Make each day what YOU want and if you want to be happy then make an effort to seek out the good in things/people around you. If you can’t see the sun shining then go be the sunshine!

Thankfulness Instead of Fearfulness Krystle Clear Life

If you are thankful you will not be as fearful or worried. This is not to say that all will magically be perfect in your life, but by redirecting your mind and focus to things that you are thankful for does make a big difference (in mood and thoughts). — Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/krystleclear247/support
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